Kerhet Dior Ms. Business Woman
Kerhet Dior is a self taught MUA, and owner of Kerhet Dior. She started off by playing in makeup and watching social media celebrities. Makeup became a therapeutic experience for her. The more she played in it, the more she grew to love and crave it!!!!

Kerhet had a tough battle with cancer in the past and is currently dealing with fibromyalgia and crohns in silence.... Within those battles she developed insecurities due to the ups and downs of these illnesses. It was through makeup that Kerhet finally found a release that allowed her to be numb to the physical attacks, to focus, and it made her journey a little easier to cope.

The physical scars, uncontrollable weight issues caused Kerhet to fall into depression. Makeup gave her the confidence to be able to view herself as pretty no matter what. The makeup world for her is transforming. It allowed her to transform her thoughts and view points on a larger scale to fully embrace what it means to be beautiful.